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Angel "Hreb" Campbell

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Hreb    48


Hreb Barak-el Campbell, Demon Bartender, Fixer, Mentor


Alias: Mike Erlich or Mike Campbell.


The nickname name Angel was given to him by his husband, don’t blame me, blame jehboi for being corny.  It stuck like glue and is widely used so I include it.


Real name: Hreb, pronounced Hrr-eb as in web, with a littleCh on the H, kinda like Channaka.


He’s a Fallen Angel, just a little bitty one, escaped from Hell and not at all keen to be sent back.


Characters like this have a lot of potential to annoy, so I’ll start with some reassurances. The character is roughly as powerful and influential as the average Templar. He's meant to be the sort of Fallen Angel you find at the Overlook Motel, just more complex and less corrupt. His serious firepower comes from talismans and a pair of magic revolvers.

He’s old but only wise about a few things, and deeply unwise about others. He’ll rarely solve anyone’s problems and may create quite a few. He’s got a particular take on religion, but it’s just his point of view, he’s not Right. He thinks he’s right, but nobody else has to think he’s right.


Other people’s sense of fun is very important to me and it’s no fun if someone is playing a know-it-all who can solve every problem before tea time. He’ll enhance the fun by being curious, stubborn, philosophical, gregarious, secretive, peculiar, and charming. He’s special, spiffy cool and magical, there will be the odd moment of awesome magic RP with him when everyone is up for it, but he’s not the star of the show. He’s part of an ensemble cast, and takes his turn in the spotlight like everybody else. As a longtime player of a successful if redonculous critter I am a font of advice on how to make them fun for all and should anyone wonder about the how to, be glad to help.


Physically he appears to be a male Caucasian: red hair, blue eyes, age early 20's, 5'11" tall, 150 pounds, built like an idealized Greek statue, not too big, a little too perfect especially for his total lack of effort. His complexion is peachy-perfect, like he was photoshopped by God. He’s got adult male features.


Clothing: His his husband dresses him now, so he looks a little less schlubby or like an unsupervised four year old, but that is assuming the husband is around, he can be a real fashion nightmare otherwise.


Primary Weapon: The Bright Spear of Heaven, a divine weapon that manifests as lightning. It was stolen from a vastly more powerful corrupted Angel, Hreb can barely handle the energies and cannot use its full power without frying himself to a crisp.  We’re talking elementalism/hammer, etc. here.  He also learned to use a pair of magic revolvers.


Personality: Generally he is either sad and serious, or solemnly playful and foolish. He clowns a lot.  He is sweet, cheerful and and welcoming and considers it his mission to introduce people.


He comes off as innocent and naïve although he’s far from inexperienced. He’s an optimist about human nature, sees good in people that others don’t, and gets burned for this fairly often. He’s got plenty of experience, he’s just more determined than most to see the beauty rather than the ugly. This is partly how he’s built, childlike in nature, partly a willful choice.


He’s incorrigibly larcenous and will commit petty crime very casually. He is subject to fits of Angelic wrath. Part of all this is his childlike nature, part of it outright corruption.


His innocence and corruption are inhumanly distinct and they are less woven together in him than they would be in a mortal. He is child-like but not a child. He has a strong work ethic, and is happiest when doing something like tending bar.


He is Fallen but determined to be his version of moral. He hates both Heaven and Hell, and loves Earth, mortals, and small ordinary things. He doesn’t fight the manner in which he’s already corrupt, he gives in to it all the time, does not think of himself as being particularly corrupt, and will happily rationalize his thievery unless it’s really obvious that someone will get really hurt by it. He does attempt to fight becoming more corrupt.


Some characters should be capable of telling what he is, either precisely, or vaguely. His aura is close to human and can be mistaken for a human who uses a lot of magic and is fairly corrupt. There are all sorts of occult ways of telling what he is. I don't mind if you know.



Probably information overload can be found here, but as I find tightly defined characteristics aid this kind of critter immensely, here it is if you need it.



He has just been taken on by Sanctuary to help out as a mentor type, and anyone who is seeking a mentor for their character could pair up with him, he is usually played lighthearted but does drama well and makes a really good mentor, he is very calm and accepting and good at seeing people strengths.


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