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[SPOILERS] Story Missions with Choices (help)

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Adromaedis    0




Ok this has been bugging me for a while - What are the choices and their consequences for each and what do those choices equal?



For the Beaumont story mission (1st story), I know you can either accept the gift (whatever it is) or deny it (though I didn't know how to do it til after I made my choice). But what about the others? If you accept the gift, what are you REALLY doing? If you deny the gift, what are you REALLY doing?


Yes, I get it, much of it is intended to be found out by the player, but I don't want to walk in thinking I'm doing something good or evil then find out it is the opposite. I've played games with story choices with serious consequences (Dragon Age Origins at Redcliff Castle when choosing to exercise the child of the demon or kill the child and Mass Effect choosing to either lie to the Council about Tali's father, tell the horrible truth, or dodge it completely with a speech) and the choices they give are pretty obvious, even some of the apparent neutral choices were pretty clear to me, but TSW's story mission choices don't feel clear at all. 

Yes, I looked through the choices you can make in the future, but again they don't look clear to me. The only bit I'm getting is if you're a Rebel to the Gaia Engine (whatever that is) or a Servant to the Gaia Engine. But I'm betting I'm wrong. But if I'm right, I want to know if doing either is good or bad, is choosing them or myself the canon or is it off the original path? Does anyone know????

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Auroris    160

OK. So it sounds like you've already seen what the choices are, and what the possible outcomes are at the end of Issue 11.

Beyond that little explosion of colour, we don't know. We don't know what is definitively good and evil. We don't really know if there is a good or evil. We know that Gaia chose us, and we know that Gaia is opposed to the Filth/Dreamers, but then, there is a lot of evidence that perhaps Gaia is acting in it's own best interests, not that of the multiverse as a whole. We know what our factions want us to do, but not their ultimate goals (beyond the obvious rule the whole world and kill all the Templar).

Several issues recently, most notably the new mission in Issue 15, indicates that we are starting to recognise that IC that our factions do not have our well being in their list of priorities, and that we are starting to act outside and against our factions desires.

But so far, the only personalised consequence we know about is the result of


the choices made in the Dreaming Prison, and the only consequence we've seen is the specific nature of the Ultimate ability.

I'm sure there will be more consequences further on, but we're not going to get any advance warning of what they will be unless there's an in-universe reason for us to know.

PS: I love the fact that there is no warning about the consequences beyond what we can discern in the moment.

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Kiraalyon    1

Each story mission final tier for New England, Egypt, and Transylvania will present you a choice.


New England: Good: decline the gift by jumping off the cliff, Evil: accept the gift

Egypt: Good: attack the mob at end, Evil: kneel before it

Transylvania: Good: restore the prison, Evil: attack the prison.

The combination of the 3 above choices you make will determine the Ultimate Ability you get when you finish Issue 11 in Kaidan:



All 3 good: Orphanim of the Celestial (Goldish color wings, AoE)

Mixed of good/evil: Orphanim of the Unchained (Blue color wings, AoE)

All 3 evil: Orphanim of the Dreamers (Black/purple wings, AoE)


Each Ultimate is a 9m radius ground target AoE that does 30000 straight damage, 6000 to Aegis, and full heal you over 3 seconds as well as leave a ground AoE in same radius doing 100/sec for 15 seconds to mobs in the AoE, but each has their own style:

Celestial: heal upfront, 3 second debuff on mobs in radius that does full damage upon expiry

Unchained: 1/3 of total damage/heal per second for 3 seconds.

Dreamers: full damage upfront, full heal 3 seconds later.

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