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Kaidan newbie confusion

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Lakuma    0

Greeting all,

I'm fairly new to tswdb community and you all seems farily friendly here, hence I'd like to ask for help regarding character progression and hopefully get some advises.

Kaidan was way to hard for me due to the new (at least new to me) aegis system. Mobs hit hard and my damage was not sufficient enough. If I'm fighting a mob while another mob joins in, my only option would be either close to death or turn around and run as far as I can.


Above is the link to my character.

Any advise would be appreciate it. I've upgraded most of the controller to version 1.1, with protection still remains at 1.0 (don't know how to upgrade it).


Thanks in advance.

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Kle    122

If you haven't already got a second AEGIS controller it's worth picking one up. You can get a set by doing one of the missions from Buster (I've forgotten which one it is off hand). 

The are much more difficult in KD and do take some getting used to. You seem to have enough impairs/hinders to get you by so I suspect that the problem may be more down to the number of enemies and the AEGIS level you have. 

Upgrading one controller as high as possible will let you add higher level capacitors but try not to do that at the expense of the other controllers too much.

I'm not one for builds but by the looks of it Blade Torrent causes Hate which could explain why extra monsters are joining the fights. If you can find a similar skill but without the hate generation the nearby monsters may be less likely to get involved.

Not sure how much this helps but there's usually people around Sanctuary who will help and often give you a hand getting second controllers.

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CrazyDogLady    14

Ok, bad me necroing the thread, but I believe the quest is Tower Defense from Buster (at the tank.)  It used to award just one controller, but now it gives all 3.

A lot of the Kaidan enemies roam a bit, and are close together.  The biggest problem I've had since I've gotten there with one of my alts is not running into the path of one of the near-by mobs that wanders around a little.  You have to be a bit more careful about movement, especially if you're used to strafing or kiting mobs.  I tend to run in circles a bit when I fight, so I'll pick up extras by accident.

If you don't mind mods, I've found Aegis Helper to be of great assistance in Kaidan.  It will auto-swap your primary hand aegis controller (and shield when you get one) to the right type when you target a mob.

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PiSquared    5

I use AegisHUD and really like it. I put off Tokyo for a really long time and am finally doing the grind. Disassembling un-needed capacitors has helped bump up the controllers. I am sure the Orochi agent selling the upgrades has liked me, currently at 1.2. I still need to get a second set. Maybe tonight I will finally do Tower Defense.

For builds I am using Target Their Shield Generator, http://www.tswdb.com/builds/solo/target-their-shield-generator


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Kiraalyon    1

Few things:

First, run "Tower Defence" mission from the tank near Susanoo's diner ASAP.  That will get you second set of controllers so you can attack like normal against the aegis with both weapons.  Setup your controllers with 3 you first got on one weapon and the 3 you got from Kurt on your other weapon.

Second, prioritize the main story missions from issue 9 as soon as you have both sets of controllers, that will get you 3 QL0 AE Capacitors.  With just those, you will jump from doing 5% damage against aegis to like 15%.  Capacitors are a much bigger boost to how much of your normal damage can affect Aegis shields compared to your controllers alone.

Third, prioritize attack rating talismans except for 1 or 2 health/healing talismans.  It is going to take you a lot longer to burn AEGIS if majority of your talis are +HP.

While the pre-done build "Decks" ingame are usually rather lackluster, the Agent of Chaos (Elite) deck is very very good for Kaidan.  Even ingame, it says it's designed to be used for solo play in Kaidan.  It's got 2 really good impairs (The Art of War, Helter Skelter), 2 self-heal abilities (Turn the Tables, Martial Discipline (with the passive)), and a nice AoE builder (Escalation), AoE consumer (Clearing The Path), and single target consumer (Pulling The Strings).

Take a look at https://chronicle.thesecretworld.com/character/Kiraalyon if you want to compare.  (Luck talisman doesn't show right for some reason, it's an issue tali from Issue 14, Black Pharoah Tarot with Ravaging Glyph and Signet of Set (+1.5% damage) on it).

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