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How to install Addons?

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Auroris    160

Each addon should have a direct download link. The files normally just need to be extracted into the addon's folder in your TSW install folder. Alternatively, you can download the Curse client, and if you install through that, then it will install everything for you, and will also keep track of updates for you. There's advertising and stuff in it, but if you just load it up once a week/month or something, it's not that bothersome.

Pretty much every significant addon also has it's own dedicated topic on the TSW official forums too, and they tend to include manual install instructions if you want to avoid the Curse client.

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Akmatov    0

Thx for the reply, However

1. According to the Curse site, The Secret World is not supported by the Curse Client.

2. There is no Addon Folder in my TSW folder, I ASSUME I should create one?

Off to do some experimenting.


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