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Adjusting Window Size

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Akmatov    0

I run two monitors, one main for the games and one side screen for additional info.  With the Secret World the only way I can have both screens active is to run TSW windowed - with TSW in full screen, the side monitor is blacked out.  However, I find the information text, like in the N-Ability Wheel Screen, so tiny as to be unreadable.  Therefore I experimented and with 1920x1440  the text is conveniently readable.  However, the screen is now only filling part of my monitor screen.  How can I enlarge the window to fill my monitor screen?  The box in the top right of the window does not offer a change in window size.

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CrazyDogLady    14

This is way late, but...I had to change things in my video settings rather than in the game settings to get side-by-side the way I wanted it.  However, you can also change your font size in game.  Check out this thread:  https://forums.thesecretworld.com/showthread.php?41533-Step-by-Step-for-increasing-font-size

Hopefully if you follow that, it will help you out.

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