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A quick guide to dungeons

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Liseran    75

Welcome to the quick guide to dungeons! :)
This first post is only meant as an overview of sorts - you will not find any specialised info like stat recommendations or abilities regarding the individual dungeons here. Feel free to add that as well as tips etc. though!

Every zone except the Translyvania dungeons have one dungeon on Normal mode - one of three possible dungeon modes in TSW. This one means it is level-appropriate to the zone it is located in. I will list them and their abbreviations in the same manner as the region and zone they belong to (i.e. Pol = Kingsmouth, HR = Savage Coast and so forth), with the general QL recommendation of the dungeon. Bear in mind that it is merely a recommendation, you can of course enter the dungeon with lower/higher QL as well.

Pol - Polaris                  QL 2/3
HR - Hell Raised           QL 4/5
DW - Darkness War     QL 5/6

Ankh                            QL 7/8
HF - Hell Fallen            QL 8/9

Fac - Facility                QL 10
HE - Hell Eternal           QL 10
SH - Slaughterhouse    QL 10

As of now, Kaidan does not have a dungeon yet.

As I mentioned earlier, Normal mode is only one of three dungeon levels of the game. There are also the Elite mode and the Nightmare mode (NM), which have their own branches in Agartha (you may have noticed the teleport swirl on the left when you head towards Kingsmouth). Elites and NMs have a general recommendation of QL 10, though you can enter Elites with QL8 or QL9 too. NMs however have to be unlocked first and have a 18h-lockdown timer. The dungeons are essentially the same in each mode, and the only major difference is that on Elite - and especially Nightmare - the bosses will hit harder or have mechanics you'll have to look out for.
Transylvania's QL level is also QL 10 and therefore, they do not have Normal mode dungeons like Egypt and Solomon do. Their dungeons can still be entered through the respective zone entrances however.

To unlock Nightmare Dungeons, you will first have to run and finish every dungeon on Elite mode once (though I strongly recommend running dungeons more than once, to get the mechanics down and have an idea of what awaits you in NMs) and then confront the Gate Keeper who guards the Nightmare branch in Agartha. You must take up one of the challenges - either as Healer, DPS or Tank - he gives you and defeat him.

While on the topic of Nightmares, you will stumble upon people looking for 18s/24s sooner or later. This refers to running all Solomon dungeons (Pol, HR, DW) plus the second Transylvania dungeon (HE) on NM. They are perceived as the 'easiest' NM level dungeons in terms of stat requirements / mechanics.
The numbers themselves refer to the number of bosses you need to defeat (3 dungeons, 6 bosses each = 18 bosses total).

Nightmare dungeons additionally drop a special currency called Black Bullion. This currency allows you to buy and upgrade purple custom gear from the Nightwatch Vendors at your faction HQ. Depending on the dungeon, you will get 10-15 bullions per complete dungeon (don't forget to take them from the loot bag!).


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The big guy with the tentacles in his face

For referring to a boss the format <short instance name> + <number [1..6]> is often used. That way you don't need to remember the names of each boss or try to explain what boss it is.

The last boss in Polaris would be POL6 (remember that if you're using military radio, the proper way to say this is Papa Oscar Lima Six ;))


Associated missions

When new, some people refer to the mission name in stead of the instance name. The connection there is as follows:

The Polaris -> Dead in the Water
Hell Raised -> Into The Inferno
The Darkness War -> The Darkness War
The Ankh -> Pandora's Box
Hell Fallen -> Sympathy for the Devil
The Facility -> From the Valley to the Stars
Hell Eternal -> Paradise Now
The Slaughterhouse -> The Slaughterhouse

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Escritores    71

Bonus info:

People often use the terms 18s (Also 18 and 18/18) and 24s (Also 24 and 24/24) when talking about dungeons. This is in relation to the number of bosses (6 in each dungeon) allthough there are some key set dungeons when those 2 terms are used.

  • 18s allways refers to Polaris, Hell Raised and Darkness War.
  • 24s allways refers to Polaris, Hell Raised, Darkness War and Hell Eternal.

This is due to these being the easiest dungeons to run trough quick.

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Shivvies    59

Bonus info on bonus info:

  • 18s are often in the order of Polaris, Darkness War and Hell Raised. Starting off, Hell Raised 6 (the Machine Tyrant) is usually the hardest fight among all 18 bosses.
  • You might see 17/18. Or 17s. That means "we shall not be arsed with Machine Tyrant" :D


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