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Anniversary Screenshot Contest

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Kle    122

It’s been four years here since the bomb went off and everything changed. Sanctuary has been supporting players for a large chunk of that time. It would be a shame if we didn't do something to celebrate. So to help mark the occasion we’re holding a contest with the rarest of prizes.

We want you to show us your favourite moments from this years event. From battling giant golems to defeating the Gatekeeper. Maybe you've had an impromptu dance party in deep Agartha or you’re just really proud of your new Dapper Buzz outfit. Whatever the moment take a picture and share it with us.


Contest Details

Take a screenshot in game (please make sure you are safe and not putting yourself or team at risk) and submit your picture and in-game name (if it is a group shot please add the names of your group and try to limit it to five) to this thread. Feel free to add a caption if you want but it’s the picture we’re looking at. Cropping is allowed but other then that please avoid editing the picture. The contest will run until the 31st of July (yes we know the Anniversary event is only two weeks but you might want to get the perfect shot with your new pet or outfit without a giant Golem in the way ;) )

To take a screen shot press the F11 button (if you want to hide the UI to get a cleaner picture press Alt Z ). You should then be able to find this picture in your screenshot folders (usually something like C: > Program Files (x86) > Funcom > The Secret World > screenshots Unless you are using a different programme like steam)


Of course the bit you all want to know about. Prizes. We have the extremely rare Sanctuary Tee to give away but thanks to many donations and a lot of grinding we have a lot of shines to give away and we've put them into three categories. 

The Signet Selection


  • 2 Epic Signet Reward Bags
  • 1 Aux Weapon Binding Epic
  • 1 Epic Signet of Violence
  • 1 Epic Signet of Barrage
  • 1 Epic Signet of Recursion
  • 1 Epic Signet of Security
  • 1 Rare Signet of Echos
  • 1 Rare Signet of Extrication
  • 1 Rare Signet of Amelioration
  • 1 Rare Signet of Abuse
  • 1 Rare Signet of Breaching
  • 1 Rare Signet of Laceration
  • 1 Rare Signet of Temperance
  • 1 Rare Signet of Interdiction
  • 1 Rare signet of Vigor


The Clothing Bag


  • 1 Heart Watch, Pink
  • 1 Reindeer antler headband, red
  • 1 Desert Scarf, Black and white Polka dot
  • 1 Winter’s Majesty - Fur trim overcoat, red
  • 1, Knit slouch hat, green bands
  • 1 Flight Attendant - Bandage Skirt/ Pants, Navy
  • 1 The Love Generation - Drop Necklace/Leather Necklace
  • 1 Firefighter helmet with visor, Black
  • 1 Morphsuit Black
  • 1 King of Spades logo t-shirt, white
  • 1 Knee high heart socks, Black and white
  • 1 Toga Wrap, White
  • 1 German Shepard Pet
  • 1 Sanctuary Tee-Shirt, Grey


The Museum Collection

  • 1 Infected Faun Horn
  • 1 Hardened Earth Shard
  • 1 Ice Shard
  • 1 Clown Nose
  • 1 Lunar Shard
  • 1 Ancient Necklace
  • 1 Flaming Core
  • 1 complete set of SD Cards 1-5
  • 1 Little Succubus Pet

Everyone who participates will receive a Rare Signet bag. Bohemian Bags will be awarded to 1st Second and third place. 1st will be able to choose a prize category, second can choose from the remaining prize categories and third will get the final one. We will continue to add prizes until the contest closes.


  • Aoikutou: Living Shard, Succubus Pet and a variety of Museum items
  • Buzzy-Fred: A Variety of Blue Signets 
  • HolloPoint - A variety of Blue and Purple Signets as well as Purple Aux Weapon Binding and Overdrive 
  • Nylew - A variety of clothing items , SD Cards and 2 Stadium Wave Emotes
  • Daeyong - German Shepard Pet


The Sanctuary leaders will judge the entries. You can see who is on the team over here Lady-Pyre of Omne Datum Optimum will also be helping as well as a secret surprise judge to be announced closer to the time.

If you have any questions about this contest please feel free to get in touch with Kle here, in-game or on Twitter @Kle_Sanctuary

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Kle    122

In this thread would be great. We will accept them from elsewhere but it just makes life easier for us if they're all here. 

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Aeloth    24

I've been part of Sanctuary for so long now and have posted so little, but this is a wonderful idea.

Here's my contribution - posted it on Twitter a few days ago. :)

CmZJudNWcAAO5YN.jpg large.jpg

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Kiernon    68

This one turned out rather nice:Ryjalon-2016-07-08-22-06-27.png

"Here's your double order of stake, sir!"

(In unrelated non-news: Back to lurking for me, life's still hectic and doesn't leave me a lot of downtime. Will update you lot when there's any change to my situation.)

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Ascle    3

Name: Ascle
Title: You wanna dance Chuck? Well! Let's dance buddy!

golem 6.png

Note: I didn't listen the recommandation and I died 4 times to take that screen :D

Edited by Ascle
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