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The Council of Nephilim a new Teach-Learn focused multifaction cabal

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Hi everyone!

We have recently created a new cabal called "Council of Nephilim". It's about supporting other players,and sharing skills and knowledge. Just like sanctuary!
We're aiming for the whole range from normal dungeons to nightmare raids with no particular focus except being newbie-friendly.

If you like helping other players, teaching what you know; or if you look for a cabal you can learn everything about the game from, you're right with us!

Interested? Here's some more reading material and the application form if you want to join: http://con.bytezero.de/

Got questions? You can join our ingame chat (/chat join Con) or our Discord. Or you just ask in this thread ;)

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wasikovee    0


i am Wasik Ovee, and wasikovee is my hashtag/ID/nick/mail/fb. its very easy to find me over internet. writing "about  me" is not necessary.

i'm gonna make this very short.


i start downloading TSW few hours ago, and STILL DOWNLOADING (3rd world net speed, don't ask!). hope it will be ready in 1 or 2 days (lol).

i am new in TSW, looking for suggestion, friends, guild (or cabal) and guidance for proper gameplay.

Nephilim is a good cabal name (i search google), goes well with my illuminate dps (was planning to create as my main toon after i finish downloading).


i am requesting an invitation. (or should i just write an application form from that link above?).


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