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New Year, New Contest

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It’s 2017 and we’re looking forward to a year full of possibilities (let's be honest it can’t be worse than last year). We thought we’d get our new year's resolutions off to a start by holding the first of our monthly events (assuming Kle doesn’t break something).

New Project.png

We want to hear what your new year’s resolutions are and of course there’s a twist. We want you to take screenshots of them for us (a bit like pictionary only more concise and with less drunken family members and better prizes).

Talking of prizes here's what we're giving away:

The Museum Pool: A selection of Museum items some more useful than others and a Sanctuary Tee-Shirt

The Signet Pool: A selection of Signets of various levels and types. Oh and you also get a Sanctuary Tee-shirt too

The Clothing Pool: Who doesn’t love clothes? You’ll get a selection of event clothes (from random events) as well as a snazzy Sanctuary Tee-shirt

Plus everyone who enters will get a Rare Signet Bag.

Post your entries here by the 31st of January and we’ll let you know who the winners were next month.


If you’re wanting to take some great shots here’s some tips:

Alt+Z removes the UI and any nameplates on the screen leaving only the characters.

TSW has some great lighting so we encourage entrants to seek out natural screenshots and not use filters or editing (we won’t disqualify anyone who does but there’s a good chance it will actually go against you).

Feel free to enter group shots but bear in mind only the person submitting the picture will get a prize if they win. Blue Signet Bags may be given to the rest of the group at Sanctuary’s discretion.

The Small Print

The Contest is open until Midnight (GMT) on the 31st January 2017

You can enter by posting your picture in this thread

Only one picture per person will be accepted. If you post multiple pictures your first picture will be the one used as your entry.

Prizes are as described above and are provided by Sanctuary and may be subject to change (hopefully for the better)

The Sanctuary Staff will select the winners (Auroris, Kle, Lady-Pyre and TheChosenOne)

If you have any questions please get in touch with Kle on the forums or on twitter @Kle_Sanctuary

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