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TSW Items and PAX giveaway!

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Vikestart    106


Since I am moving over to SWL the moment it launches, I will have no use for the stuff I have in TSW (the stuff that won't be transferred).

I know there's a considerable bunch of people out there that wants to stay in TSW. So I thought I'd give the remainder of my stuff to players that will actually make use of it, instead of everything just sitting in my inventory forever collecting dust. :)


How to claim

Make a post in this topic and include your ingame nickname and what you want to claim. I will then mail the items/PAX to you ingame, at which point you will be able to claim them at the Auction House.



  1. You may claim up to 10 items.
  2. Each item in a stack (of the same type) counts as an individual item.
    1. Exceptions: Materials and the green Attuned augments.
  3. PAX counts as one of those 10 items and you can only claim up to 3,000,000 PAX.


List of items

PAX: 19,000,000 / 27,000,000

Each stack counts as 1 item.

  • 953x Pure Metal
  • 999x Pure Water
  • 225x Pure Fire
  • 559x Pure Dust
  • 74x Pure wheel rune
  • 63x Pure trinity rune
  • 43x Pure lu rune
  • 71x Pure denkyem rune
  • 168x Pure earth rune
  • 337x Pure wedjat rune
  • 479x Pure pentagram rune
  • 505x Pure koru rune


  • Nullity Sphere
  • AE Overcharger


  • 100x Attuned Accurate (counts as 1 item)
  • 100x Attuned Curing (counts as 1 item)
  • 100x Attuned Mending (counts as 1 item)
  • 100x Attuned Robust (counts as 1 item)
  • 5x Unattuned Ferocious
  • 2x Unattuned Brutal
  • 3x Unattuned Piercing
  • 2x Unattuned Inspiring
  • 3x Unattuned Accelerating
  • 9x Unattuned Vivifying
  • 11x Unattuned Rampant
  • 2x Unattuned Restorative
  • 12x Unattuned Precise
  • 14x Unattuned Restoring
  • 8x Unattuned Safeguarding
  • 2x Unattuned Solid
  • 12x Unattuned Stalwart
  • 7x Unattuned Vexing


  • Emote: Stop
  • Acid wash jeans, blue
  • Aerobics leotard, blue and black
  • Aerobics leotard, red and green
  • Aerobics leotard, yellow and pink
  • 1x Visor sunglasses, black
  • Visor sunglasses, pink


  • 1x Aux Weapon Imprint
  • 1x Signet of Discipline
  • 1x Signet of Divine Inspiration
  • 5x Signet of the Death Curse
  • 1x Signet of Vigour
  • 6x Signet of Soul Eating
  • 3x Signet of Persistent Malice
  • 2x Signet of Order
  • 1x Aux Weapon Binding
  • 1x Aux Weapon Mod
  • 6x Signet of Death's Note
  • 3x Signet of Blessed Steps
  • 4x Signet of Backbite
  • 1x Signet of Ablation
  • 5x Signet of Renewed Vigil
  • 7x Signet of Recuperation
  • 5x Signet of Karma
  • 5x Signet of Divine Inspiration
  • 8x Signet of Equilibrium
  • 7x Signet of Discplacement
  • 3x Signet of Deflection


It may not be that much, but I hope some of you will have use for these things. :)

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Vikestart    106
15 minutes ago, OnkelSerge said:

Can I please have "Aerobics leotard, blue and black", "Acid wash jeans, blue", and, let's say, 2,000,000 Pax?
I hope it's okay.

Sure! :D I'll need your ingame name though!

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Vomher    7

Might I please have on Vomher:

  • 3,000,000 Pax Romana - I am too poor to afford repairs.
  • 1x Aerobics leotard, blue and black 
  • 2x Aerobics leotard, yellow and pink
  • 1x Aerobics leotard, red and green
  • 1x Visor sunglasses, pink

I'd like to give one of the yellow leotards to Insein, along with the red leotard. Neither of us have any leotards!

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Miyukiri    1


can i have ?

Aerobics leotard, yellow and pink
Visor sunglasses, pink
Nullity Sphere
AE Overcharger
3,000,000 PAX
Signet of Ablation


thank you

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