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Ciritty, Insane in the membrane.

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Ciritty    169

Name: Dr Torniquet O’Leahy (PhD)
Nickname: Ciritty
DOB: 13/02/1987 (Age 27)
Nationality: Irish
Occupation: Business Owner
Education: Undergraduate, Masters & Doctorate of Psychology from University of Birmingham.


Torniquet O’Leahy, born Friday 13th February 1987 to parents Conan & Aine O’Leahy. 

Her parents were in the process of building up a retail & fashion company, Rainbow’s Gold, when Aine became pregnant with Torniquet. The business continued to grow during the pregnancy and after the birth, becoming well known in the United States, with the O’Leahy’s playing off their Irish culture to build their reputation.

The exact date is not known, but Torniquet was Chosen by Gaia at some point before her 10th birthday. At the age of 11, both her parents were violently murdered. Exact details of what happened are not known. There was substantial violence inflicted on both the O’Leahy adults. The police file is still on record as open and unsolved. There was some question as to whether Torniquet could have murdered her parents, and a psychological assessment was performed, but all evidence suggested that she had had a happy childhood.

Regardless, Torniquet inherited her parent’s commercial empire, placed in trust of a close family friend, Alissa Trebbles (known as Tailbone), who was also appointed her legal guardian until she turned 21 and was able to inherit the business. The next 10 years were comparatively uneventful, given that she was a Chosen of Gaia, though it was during this period that Torniquet developed an obsession for the colour pink.

On the day of her 21st birthday, Torniquet received her inheritance, and immediately became extremely rich. Though she spent some money on frivolity, most of her attention was focused onto a major re-branding of the business that had been running successfully on the same basic business model for the last 25 years. She re-branded the company as Pink Or Nothing Inc,  selling a wide variety of pink merchandise. As thanks to Alissa, she was appointed CEO of the reformed business. Though most analysts believed that the move would lead to the ruin and collapse of the company, it appears to be continuing to make a profit.

The ATF is investigating the company on allegations of illegally selling firearms.

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Ciritty    169

The Secret Ciritty

Ciritty is definitely obsessed with the colour pink, however Pink Or Nothing Inc. is primarily a front for her business dealing occult weaponry to secret worlders, which is also what finances her lifestyle, and the continued running of Pink Or Nothing Inc.

She does not affiliate significantly with any of the major factions. Though both the Illuminati and the Templar have made attempts to recruit her, all such attempts have been swiftly rebuffed with amusement. There is no record of the Dragon attempting to recruit her. There is evidence that she has been in regular contact with members of The Sanctuary Network.

In combat, Ciritty is known as a fighter without equal. She is also an extremely capable strategist. There are no known examples of her being defeated in straight combat. 

Her battle tactics in personal combat favour the use of blades in almost all situations, though she is highly trained, and can rapidly adapt to develop advanced tactics with any combination of weapons she is given. When fighting extended battles against intelligent opponents, she uses her training in psychology to give her the advantage against them, which she presses without mercy.

((Note: clicking the image will lead to  a gory vid - you've been warned))

Though Ciritty appears to act very friendly to all she meets, she is in fact, generally amoral & apathetic to anyone who isn’t a close friend. Once you are within her trusted circle of friends, she will defend you against anything.

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Ciritty    169


There are no known examples of Ciritty being defeated in straight combat. The closest she has come when in command was a 6-way war simulation. Though communication between commanders was banned, her and Auroris formed an impromptu alliance by unspoken consensus, slaughtered all opposition, then refused to attack each other until the controller called it a draw. The pair have been friends ever since.

Ciritty treats life, and the events therein, as a game. Just because something is a game, does not mean that she does not take it seriously. If you are very good at a game, then why should you not. There are sponsored DOTA 2 tournaments with multi-million dollar prizes for the best gamers. If your game is the game of life, then the stakes are that much higher, and the challenge that much greater. Even if it is a game, she can still have her favourite pieces, which she will fight to keep. ~  Auroris

((check out his stuff http://auroris.rocks/02102014/freudian-slip/ he also aided in the creation of my background))

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