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Firefly Fans! Unite!

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Auroris    160

For any of you who have not yet watched Firefly, cancel any plans you have, sit down, and start watching. Yes, TaCO, I'm looking at you. Once you've finished, you may be permitted to rejoin the human race.

For any of you who have watched Firefly, and did not like it, please send me a message, so that I can put you on every evil list that I have access to, purge your existence from the forums*, and have you sent to the special hell. The special hell. Way beneath people who talk at the theatre.

For those of you who are licensed to be real people, on account of thinking Firefly awesome, read on.

Everyone who was on Firefly thought it was the most awesomest thing they'd ever done, and all of them pray for the death of Rupert Murdoch*, and the collapse of FOX every single night*, as a result of their sudden but inevitable betrayal. Now, Alan Tudyk has found a shiny way to pay homage to the greatest show in the 'verse, as well as massive fan service.

He has written a web series, called Con Man. It is short for Convention Man, because the full name sounds less catchy. Basically, he plays the role of an actor who played the role of a spaceship pilot on a short-lived sci-fi show that was cancelled. His best friend, portrayed by Nathan Fillion (Yes, I know. Captain Tightpants himself!), was also in the show, and portrayed the captain.

The show is based around the conventions these actors go to, and the strange & interesting people that they meet there. The fans will be there too, of course.

Now for the important bit. Because of trust issues with networks, they are looking to crowdfund this through an Indiegogo campaign. So basically, you can fund the ultimate homage to Firefly.The campaign has already raised almost 2.5 million dollars, but the more they raise, the more totally shiny stuff there will be. Other stars in the show will include Sean Mayer, Gina Torres, Amy Acker, Felicia Day & Seth Green. Basically, awesomeness abounds.

CLICK HERE! to go to the page and donate money to help them make it even more awesome than it already is. Otherwise, there is always the special hell...

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Goodmorgan    9

I'm so bitter about this. I was extatic when we got a movie out of it after the protests, letters and adverts but the void and sadness of Firely's premature cancellation is still there... And for what... So some stupid reality show could take its place.

Burn in hell with Theodore Wicker, Fox and News Corporation.

A Browncoat 4life.

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