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Pink forum Fashion Event!

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Ciritty    169

First of all sorry for the delay... :P 

Congrats Insein! 

You have been chosen to be replaced by your Pink Twin and will be receiving a Pink Epic signet bag! 


Thank you all for participating I promise the next one will be more general :P 

Special Thanks to Judge "Like button".

The following people will be receiving 1M pax which we recommend spending on changing your hair to Pink if it isn't already pink and on clothing in Darkside! 


Should your name be different in-game than it is on the forum be sure to let me know! :P

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Ciritty    169

Ooooh, thank you!  I was confused when I saw your mail because I haven't had a chance to catch up on forum news in a while.

That's okay welcome back! :D

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