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Sophia Rose

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RecordKeeper    27

Name: Sophia Rose

Nicknames: RecordKeeper

Date of Birth: 20/11/1991

History: Sophia comes from a well off family and has a good knowledge of IT. She used to work for Temple Hall and was assigned to managed Kyle Hudson's case when he went AWOL. She was demoted after getting to close to him. She turned to Sanctuary where she felt her skills would be better used and is now overseeing the training and deployments of new agents within the UK.

Notable Incidents: Sophia was Kidnapped by somebody believed to be working for Hikaru Sato. While she was not harmed it did speed up her pregnancy. She ended up giving birth to a daughter Felicia in a Sanctuary Safe House in London.

Relationships: Sophia is engaged to Kyle Hudson. She often lets her feelings for him blind her to his more reckless actions.

Personality: Sophia believes in doing the right thing no matter what the cost. This can often put her at odds with others around her. She is calm and collected though and will often rationalise things instead of becoming over emotional. She does have a weak spot when it comes to Auroris however and she sees him as an equal, she is always trying to out do him no matter what the cost.

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