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Hey guys,

So we are taking our forum RPG with us to these new and shiny forums. This thread should get you up to speed about what the rules are and how this thing works.

What is a forum RPG?
A forum RPG is basically roleplaying on a forum with a big group of people. This has several advantages over normal roleplaying because it is easier to get a big group of people together and you can also post at any time and from anywhere.

Player Characters:
 - Please create a topic for your character, and use the topic tags to mark it as a Character Biography.
- The character page also doubles as the Social Media page from your character where he/she can post pictures, blogs etc. 
- Other people are also allowed to post (IC) comments on your characters page.
- You can control more than one character, but start each post with "Character:" so that everyone knows what is going on.
- You only control your own character(s), please do not make decisions and choices for the characters from other people.
- Do not make your character(s) overpowered. Yes you are probably a "Chosen of Gaia", but it isn't fun if you make the Ur-Draug explode with your mind, while other people can just create small fireballs. 

The Rules

- NPC characters can be used by anyone at any time as long as the stories told with these NPC characters do not contradict each other.

Current NPCs:

Eloise Cortez (Deceased)
James Zimbardo (Deceaseed)
Evelyne Ryan
Jeremy Cross
Jason Haskins

- Since "Everything is True" in the Secret World you are allowed to use fictional locations and characters from other movies/games/books/franchises, as long as it doesn't directly contradict the TSW lore. Please don't turn this into a Twilight RPG though and no ponies. ;)

Content and Story:
- Since we are all adults here, mature content and language is allowed, but keep it reasonable. As a guide, if it would appear in the game, it is acceptable here. Saying that your character has Tourettes is not really a good excuse, unless you are going to RP it properly.
- Don't force other people's characters to do things they don't want and respect other people's opinions and values.
- Please read each others posts very carefully and don't contradict previous posts. Once something has been posted, it has happened, even if you disagree with it.

- Please do not edit your post after posting, because that may create contradictions.
- Before you post please check if there have been any new posts while you were typing to avoid contradictions.
- Please any pictures/video's or other content on your character page.
- If you have any OOC comments, please post them in Suggestions & Feedback thread, or post a new topic, and mark it Out of Character using the topic tags.

If you want a written guide on getting started with the forum RPG, then we have created a guide on what you should think about when getting started. You can find it here.

That is everything for now... If you have any suggestions or comments, please post in Suggestions & Feedback thread. I am really looking forward to what kind of stories and idea's you guys come up with and I am very much looking forward to meeting all of your characters and getting to know them better.


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