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Sharing Hammer/Fist build

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DarkMoonrise    17

Hi guys,

Here is another build proposal, my first mDPS build. It has the same structure but not the same abilities, active or passive, than Ciritty's DPS build Fist/Hammer. By testing with the same deck in the test chamber, without buff, I had around 250 more DPS with this version. And I wrote a full detailed description because... well... I like to write them :)

Your feedbacks are welcome!



-= Name =-
[Name to be found], Hammer/Fist dungeon DPS build

-= Build =-

20150419 edit: replaced improved Strikes with Iron Maiden

-= Stats =-
Attack Ratting: 4000, Hit: 650, Penetration: 900, Critical Power: 500

-= Description =-
This is a hammer melee DPS build based on hammer strike abilities. Fist brings damage buffs and synchronizing builder.

* high DPS
* Fun and challenging to play
* NYR compatible

* lot of DPS lost if failing the rotation.
* Need to sync 2 counters with consumer -> no time for additional casting. Adds are problems.

-= Auxiliary =-
Standard use of auxiliary weapons.
For motion: Rocket Launcher - Death From Above + Rocket Science
For DPS: Chainsaw - Timber + Revved Up
For DPS buff: Whip - Crack! + Whiplash

-= Situational abilities =-
- You cannot stay still -
The best not impairing elite in fist abilities is Gore. Replace DoD with Gore.

201504171439 edit : including Ciritty's advice. Gore is a good elite.

- No need of aoe? -
Replace Prey on the weak with Bear knuckle.

- New York Raid -
NYR means : "I don't care impairing"! So replace Do Or Die with Go for the Throat. Or keep DoD if you feel confident enough but good luck with Lurker high five.
If you want to deal with the adds, I suggest you take the flame thrower and only fill the rotation with Prey on the weak (see below)

- very short fight or low penetration build -
I you think that your deck or the combat time don't allow you to penetrate more than 3 times every 10 seconds, replace Twist the knife with Closer.

-= How it works =-
The goal of the rotations is to synchronise elemental force, momentum and hammer consumer. Elemental Force has a cycle of 7+1 hits and momentum 5+1 hammer hits. It means that you have to cast, in one normal cycle, 5 hammer builders, 2 fist abilities and 1 hammer consumer.

I advice to place the hammer on the first weapon slot to allow a quick unequip/equip (switch with another weapon) at the beginning of each fight to reset the momentum counter. More over install an Elemental Force counter reset add-on.

As long as Tear 'Em Up gives a damage buff if the target is afflicted, be sure that the tank afflicts.

Need to resync EF with Momentum? Build with Prey on the weak.

- How to deal with adds -
As long as fist and hammer resources build on yourself, fighting one single add don't change the rotation but if you need aoe that's a little bit tricky. I suggest two strategies.

In both case, when you need aoe, you can just switch to Prey on the weak instead of First blood. You can use both consumers (Tear 'Em Up and Aftershock), the only difference with normal rotation is that Aftershock won't be sync with Momentum. The problem is to resync EF, Momentum and resources.

If you're a sentai:  At the restart of the boss fight, smash First blood until Momentum counter reaches 0. Then smash Prey on the weak until EF counter reaches 0. Then start a new rotation regardless of the number of consumer you have.

If you're a super sentai: For this one you need to know 3 informations: for a known step in the rotation, you need to know the value of both EF and Momentum counters. When you have to restart the boss fight, you need to do as follows. Knowing the momentum counter, you know the rotation's step. Knowing the step you can deduce the needed EF counter. Build with Prey on the weak until EF reaches the right value and continue the rotation from this step. In this case, it is possible, at the first rotation, that you'll need to cast consumers without all the 5 resources. With this technique, I advice to resync only with rotation type 2 (see "Rotation" paragraph) because it would be a shame to not use all five resources under buff.

-= Rotation =-
There are 2 types of rotation. The first one with, at least, Full Momentum up. The second one without Full Momentum.

- Rotation type 1 (R1) -
First Blood (EF1 M1)
First Blood (EF2 M2)
First Blood (EF3 M3)
First Blood (EF4 M4)
First Blood (EF5 M5)
Do Or Die (EF5 M5) [if up]
Reckless (EF5 M5) [if up]
Tear 'Em Up (EF6 M5) [buffed from dabssf, DoD and Reckless]
Aftershock (EF7 M!) [buffed from dabssf, DoD, Reckless and Tear 'Em up]
Full Momentum (EF7 M5)
Aftershock (EF! M!) [buffed from dabssf, DoD, Reckless and Tear 'Em up]

- Rotation type 2 (R2) -
First Blood (EF1 M1)
First Blood (EF2 M2)
First Blood (EF3 M3)
First Blood (EF4 M4)
First Blood (EF5 M5)
Tear 'Em Up (EF6 M5)
A *fist* filler ability, elite if used and up, timber if used and up, Crack! if used and up, Prey on the weak otherwise (EF7 M5) [buffed from Tear 'Em up]
Aftershock (EF! M!) [buffed from Tear 'Em up]

- Rotations -
So, as long as Reckless has a cool down of 40 seconds, rotations look like this :
R1 - R2 - R2 - R2 - [Start over again]

-= Augments =-
First Blood : Piercing [+ penetration]
Tear 'Em Up : Brutal [+ Critical rating]
Aftershock : Ferocious [+ Critical damage]
Prey on the weak : Accurate [+ damage]
Full Momentum : Quickening [+Damage+heal]
Reckless : Inspiring [+Damage]
Do Or Die : Restorative [Heal]

-= Signets =-
It's hard to recommend signet because it's strongly dependent of player's deck. The suggestion below shows the best combination I can think of but it's not what I have.
Head : Laceration
Major : Violence/Howling Oni - Egon Pendant - Violence
Minor : Subway Tokens - Assassination - Assassination
Fist : Breaching
Hammer : Aggression

-= Thanks =-
I'd like to thanks Dryadria for his post which motivated me to study mDPS build and create my own one. And Ciritty's work in general which teaches me the art of build creation.

Edited by Vikestart
Including Ciritty's advice on iron maiden
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Ciritty    169

Parsing on dummies has a few pitfalls! The low block rating on dummies makes it seem that Iron maiden isn't as great as it is while in reality it the passive that benefits you the most - leaving it out would be an easy avoidable loss of dps! (Test it out in dungeons/raid!)

No weakening and affliction! If you parsed it against my build with iron maiden you were using 1 passive less! And neither of the builds benefit from Tear em up additional damage bonus! 

Gore is an excellent elite if your friends don't glance! Even allows people to use gross anatomy without affliction passive/ability in your group! 

All in all very interesting use of strike there! With such focus on high critical it is even more critical that you use iron maiden see what I did there? :D

Cheers for the build <3

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DarkMoonrise    17

Hi Ciritty,

Thanks for your input and advice. I see your point on iron maiden, make a lot of sense. This weekend, I will do a lot of dungeons (to use the weekend bonus at the maximum) I'll do a 48s with my build as it is presented here, and another one including iron maiden instead of Hard Impact. I'll post the parsings here at the end of the weekend.

It would be great to have configurable dummies. Something like that : "I want a level 6 normal mob always afflicted and that attack me" or "I want The Machine Tyrant always afflicted".

Ok I'll edit the post to insert Gore as the DoD replacement when you cannot stay still.

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