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Compared to other games ..


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Glaucon    62

Programming in Actionscript is super easy. If you're curious about it, go try out making a mod!

The drawbacks of using Scaleform and Actionscript for the GUI are that it's really easy to get really bad performance doing anything in Flash. I also find the flash IDE to be a bit frustrating at times, often I can be sitting around looking for the answer to a problem in code for an hour before I realize there's some checkbox that shouldn't be checked over on the art side of things.

A lot of the other GUI programming I've done has mostly been a combination of C++ for code and XML for layout, with a smattering of Lua for scripting. It's a lot harder to do the visual layouts of things using those systems, and the code tends to be more complex just because the languages are much more powerful and complex themselves. Using the Flash/Scaleform generally makes creating GUIs quicker and easier, but at the risk of running into more issues down the road with performance or unexpected behavior.

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